Loving Guided Relaxation for Children | Self Hypnosis MP3 Audio Download - Alena Oslopova

Loving Guided Relaxation for Children | Self Hypnosis MP3 Audio Download

Sacred Hypnotherapy
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Gentle and loving guided relaxation technique for children. An invitation to enter into a magical story. Which begins by guiding the child to ground to Mother Earth, which will assist them with feeling calm, releasing negative energy, clearing their mind, and recharging their energy. As they are guided to grow roots deep into the earth, they will be met by their friends the root children and root fairies who will have precious gifts and messages which will deeply reassure your child that they are loved, that they are safe and that they are very special. The Fairies will bless the children with magical powers and remind the children of their strengths, gifts and talents. They will then be gently guided to a magnificent crystal cave where they will discover a beautiful pyramid composed entirely of white light which will protect them as they drift off to peaceful deep sleep, and haven wonderful dreams. The pyramid of white light is a very powerful force, it can protect against anything. I include the pyramid of white light as so many children suffer from night terrors, this will assist with ensuring the child sleeps well during the night and awake feeling wonderful and fully rested. 

You may also want to place a little crystal under their pillow that they can find with your assistance when they awake, as that is one of the little gifts the fairies will be giving them to remind them of their inner light. 

I use this guided story relaxation technique on my three young boys and they are asleep before I get to the crystal cave.. It really works to relax them, release any tension and gently guide them into their dream world.